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If you wish to puchase any of these books, please follow the instructions relating to each book.

Most but not all are available. For those that are available please state your request and to which country the book is to be sent. The postage will be calculated and instructions sent for payment by Paypal or cheque.

The Unexpurgated Beaton (ed) (2002)
Hardback (UK) 2002
Paperback (UK) 2002
Hardback (US) 2003
Paperback (US) 2005

Cecil Beatonís unexpurgated diaries from 1970 until his death in 1980, in which the re-touching is removed and we see what he really thought about his friends and adversaries. No one is spared, not even himself.

Alice, Princess Andrew of Greece (2000)
Hardback (UK) 2000
Hardback (US) 2002
Paperback (UK) 2001
Paperback (US) 2003
Greek edition 2007

The life of Princess Alice of Battenberg (1885-1967), wife of Prince Andrew of Greece, and mother of the Duke of Edinburgh. She lived through wars, revolutions, separations and survived the effects of a mid-life nervous breakdown, founding her own nursing sisterhood.

Ashcombe (1999)
Paperback (UK) 1999

Introduced by Hugo Vickers.

Cecil Beaton's touching story of the 15 years he spent at Ashcombe, the magical house in the valley near Shaftesbury - now the home of Madonna.

The Kiss (1996)
Hardback (UK) 1996
Paperback (UK) 1997

Winner of the Stern Silver Pen Award for Non-Fiction 1996

The true story of an obsession played out in the shadow of Windsor Castle, the story of the Kappey sisters and the obsessive love of Joan Kappey for a man fifteen years her junior.

The Private World of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (1995)
Hardback (UK) 1995
Hardback (US) 1996
French Hardback 1996

A lavishly illustrated tour of the house in the Bois de Boulogne where the Duke and Duchess of Windsor spent their last years, and the story of their love affair, illustrated with previously unseen photographs from their private albums.

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